We are an Arizona-based, full-service video production company ​

We specialize in creating strategic video marketing content for businesses of all sizes that create connection, improve sales, and build brand affinity.

Meet our team!

Colton Trcic

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Our Purpose

To create a more connected world through storytelling.

Core Values


Truth is the most foundational piece of healthy relationships. Even when uncomfortable, we are ruthlessly committed to living in truth, speaking our minds and remaining authentic and honest to ourselves and our clients.


Accountability is critical for success. When we say we are going to do something, we do it, no matter how big or small the thing is. We hold oursleves and others accountable to the targets, projects, and habits we commit ourselves to.


We constantly look for opportunities to be uncommon. Creativity comes in many forms and in a world filled with voices, messages and ideas, we seek to always bring something fresh and original to the table to add value not just to ourselves and our clients, but the world at large.


We make mistakes, we make lots of mistakes, but we constantly learn from them and strive to never make the same mistake twice. We study the past, continually evaluate the present, and plan for the future to push ourselves to reach new standards of excellence everyday.

Our Story

Hard Copy Media was born from the love for the tactile, emotional connection now old-school media like Laser Discs and vinyl evoked. The presentation, the layout of the packaging, the designs of the artwork, the overall experience of engaging with this old, hard copy of digital media was part of the enjoyment of so many films from our childhoods. Today, we believe that visceral, and all-encompassing experience of media is more important than ever, and while we cannot burn your projects to Laser Disc, we will create a fully-fledged experience around each and every piece of media we create with you that we are sure will leave you with the same excitement and happiness that we had when we watched many of our favorite classic movies for the first time on a hard copy.

Looking to join the team?

We’re always looking to expand our network and work with amazing creatives. If you’re interested in creating with us send us your reel, website, or resume and we’ll be in touch.